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20 Alternatives To Zoom For Online Teaching And Remote Learning

by TeachThought Staff

While Skype has long been the standard and Google Hangouts has integration with Gmail and the Android operating system, in terms of video streaming platforms, 2020 has been the year of Zoom.

As of April 2020, was seeing up to 300 million daily users and with many school districts in the United States sticking with remote teaching and learning for the Winter 2020 semester, strong growth is likely for the foreseeable future.

And while this growth is well-earned as the reselt of video quality, a robust feature set, actually-usable free tiers, and other advantages, it’s still not perfect–and in fact, may not even be a good fit for your teaching this school year. So what are the best alternatives to Zoom for online teaching?

What Is The Best Way To Stream For Teachers?

The big idea here is helping students learn and live streaming of video is an important part of that. What’s the best way for teachers to stream video content to their students?

Well, it depends. Which of these alternatives to zoom work best for you depends on your needs and factors including your budget, your expertise, how long you’ll be using the video streaming platform for teaching, the grade level and content area you teach, your privacy…

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