25 Tips To Deal With Digital Distractions

25 Tips To Deal With Digital Distractions 1

by TeachThought Staff

One of 21st-century life’s cruelest ironies is that technology has saved us a lot of time, which we then turn around and spend using said technology.

Most of us are constantly being bombarded by distractions, from coworkers to texts and emails to enticing Web headlines. The good news is Skynet has not taken over yet; we can still control the machines and manipulate them to not hinder our concentration.

For now.

1. Stop valuing the wrong things

Staying up-to-date on the very latest information, events, messages, and developments is less important than the quality of your work and relationships. Get this straight in your head, and it might make other efforts to improve your focus a little easier.

2. Use Forest

Every time you lose focus, you kill a plant. Do you want to kill the little sprout you just made? Of course you don’t. (You can find the app here.)

3. Track your productivity

Make a simple three-item to-do list and hold yourself accountable when it takes all day to get one item done.

4. Leave your phone in another room

The benefit here should be obvious. Even if you ‘need’ the phone for certain tasks, see if those can wait or be done in some other way that doesn’t require the phone.

5. Set boundaries

Let others around you know when you’re working or…

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