3 Ways To Improve Your Remote Teaching

How To Save Your Remote Classes

Due to COVID-19, schools switched to the emergency remote teaching format [1] earlier this year, and many schools are still in the “remote mode” today. The quick remote solution allowed teaching and learning to continue without interruption in terms of time, but it also caused irritation in many aspects, such as the disconnection students felt, less engagement in class, and rising concerns about equity, accessibility, and diversity. Educators also questioned if remote teaching hurt online education [2], which usually is well-planned by professionals in Instructional Design.

3 Key Components For Successful Remote Classrooms

The transition from in-person instruction to remote teaching is not just about “turning on a camera and lecturing”; it can be tough and full of challenges. How to retain and engage students in a remote environment is what needs to be considered. Successful remote classrooms have 3 key components in common: communication, interaction, and collaboration.

1. Communication In A Remote Environment

One of the reasons that students feel disconnected during remote teaching and learning is due to the lack of opportunities for in-person communication. Communication plays an important role in a…

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