4 Phases Of MOOC Development

4 Phases Of MOOC Development

The 4 phases of development include content development, revisions, filming and post-production, and a final review.

Phase 1: Content Development

In order to ensure the content is in alignment with learning objectives for a MOOC, it is essential for Instructional Designers and Subject Matter Experts to begin with a concept meeting to ensure there is a common vision. It is essential for all stakeholders to agree on common learning objectives. Learning objectives should be clear and measurable with definitive action verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy. Additionally, establishing a workflow of communication and deadlines is essential to ensure that the pacing of the project will run smoothly despite any challenges that may come up. Thus, it is important to organize assets and folders at the onset of the project so that all stakeholders know where to find items. Any cloud content management system to organize assets, such as Box, Laserfiche, or Microsoft’s Sharepoint, to name a few, will be useful throughout the duration of the project.

Then, it is important to download and complete session modules according to a course design matrix where there is clear alignment between the learning objectives, vision, learning…

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