4 Reasons Training Managers Use Microlearning

Why Microlearning?

To understand microlearning, we need to first answer what size is the right size when it comes to training. It’s becoming difficult for organizations to keep their learners engaged with traditional, bulky training be it classroom training or online learning.

We are living in the age of the smartphone. Information overload, multitasking, and the soundbite culture have led to a generation of learners with extremely short attention spans. That means traditional training on its own can’t do the job, not anymore.

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As a result, many organizations are making the shift from traditional eLearning (or macro-learning) to microlearning (aka bite-sized learning) either by completely replacing their existing training or supplementing/complementing it.

Why is microlearning important for today’s learners and why should training managers care? Let’s see.

But, First, What Exactly Is Microlearning?

Microlearning delivers short, focused bites of content….

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