40 Homeschooling Tools And Resources I Use (Almost) Every Day –

by Terry Heick

Okay, we may not use every single tool every single day but you get the idea: These are our favorite homeschooling tools and resources and we use them extensively. In fact, there’s very little outside this list that we consistently use.

The Context

Our family started ‘homeschooling’ our children seven years ago.

How we came to that decision (and what we’ve learned in the process and what we’d do differently if we had the chance) is probably more interesting than a basic overview of the homeschooling tools and resources we use to do so. (We also aren’t huge fans of the term ‘homeschooling,’ but that’s another story.) Nonetheless, here’s that basic overview of the technology we use with a preface:

We don’t use a set ‘curriculum’

Our goal isn’t ‘college prep’ but we do want them prepared for college. If you want pure college prep, there are very specific curricula available that would suit your needs and most are fairly well-known.

We don’t ‘unschool’ our kids but they also don’t learn the traditional content areas with a traditional schedule in a traditional way In general, we focus heavily on literacy, critical thinking, and a personalized approach to learning while they navigate gradually more complex ideas in new ways.

This isn’t a…

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