5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Amazon Streaming

Amazon Streaming
Amazon Streaming


Being one of the biggest corporations in existence, Amazon has spent the past decade making its mark in various industries, including the streaming industry.  

Amazon’s products cater to a wide range of customers. But like most products, they’re not perfect, and there is room to improve. Fortunately, users can improve their Amazon streaming experience with a few simple steps. 

5 Amazon Streaming Tips 

1. Install a VPN To Your Fire TV and Fire Stick 

Despite Amazon and its products reaching worldwide popularity, its services are finicky, to say the least, when it comes to content outside major countries. Because of this, many users find themselves without access to certain content, programs, and media. 

If you’re in a similar situation, try to download a VPN for Firestick. VPNs route a user’s data through servers located in a country of the user’s choice. Ergo, users can trick programs into believing they are located somewhere else, allowing access to the content they would have never had otherwise. 

2. Enable Parental Controls 

If you’re a parent, you most likely know the struggles of keeping the kids safe and away from the more…explicit content that’s out there on streaming services. 

Parental controls have become essential due to the unpredictability of the Internet, and with streaming services containing everything from G-rated family movies to R-rated horrors, parents need to start focusing on parental controls, which Fire TV/Stick has plenty of. 

3. Use USB for Extra Storage 

The Fire Stick and Fire TV’s marketing revolves around being able to offload downloaded media onto the stick and take it anywhere. But there’s one problem: storage. 

With the base Fire TV containing 8GB of storage, running out of space is not a question of if but when. Fortunately, Fire TV and Fire Sticks come with the ability to add extra storage via USB external storage.  

The setup differs by the type of Fire product, but setting up USB external storage is neither difficult nor time-consuming, and anyone who finds themselves offloading media onto their Fire devices would do well buying a USB stick and carrying that around with them. 

4.Take Advantage of Alexa 

Amazon’s Fire TV products come integrated with Alexa straight out of the box. Alexa, Amazon’s smart assistant, is one of the best smart assistants available today, and with it, streaming has never been more convenient. 

Search for shows with your voice, pause your movie by yelling at the TV, set up autoplay, and vice versa with a simple word: with Alexa, you won’t need to keep up with your remote 24/7. Your voice is your remote. 

5. Delete Voice Searches If Used 

While Amazon Alexa allows for a convenient streaming experience, it’s not without its flaws, including its privacy scandals. 

If you’re one of those people, know that you do have the option to delete any voice recording Fire TV has picked up from you. Simply go to your devices page and select “Delete Voice Recordings.”