5 Tips You Should Keep in Mind While Buying New Phone

Smartphones have caused a whole new wave in our lives with its advent. In the past decade, there have been a lot of advancements in the field of cell phones.
A lot of companies have come up now, to provide you with the latest technologies and cut throat prices.

There are a lot of big brands worth putting your money on like Google, Samsung, Apple, One Plus, Huawei and many more. The benefits of a mobile are huge in number and we have clinged onto those for making our lives easier. With a lot of choices available, the confusion has also increased as to what option to choose and how.

Therefore, we have come up with a compact guide for you, to help you keep in mind some of the main factors while buying a new phone as per your needs and preferences and here is a list of some of the best smartphones under 20000. Mobile phone brands like Samsung, MI, Realme and many more have made a revolution in the past few years.


Buying Tips to Keep in Mind
Some of the main features to look for in a smartphone are listed below-

  • Battery Performance
    battery performanceA phone’s battery can play a huge role in its selection. Even if you are not a heavy user of your cell phone, a good battery life can save a lot of electricity and time.
    Heavy usage of the phones in gaming, streaming videos or simply browsing can drain out the battery faster.
    Therefore, you need to look up for a mobile phone that has at least 3000MaH of battery power in order to last longer. Higher the MaH power, higher the battery will run.
  • Camera Quality
    Camera QualityNow-a-days the quality of camera has become the most staple characteristics a smartphone must have in order to rank higher.Look for features to confirm the quality like the megapixels it offers, the aperture, focus, wide angle, clarity, optical image stabilization and image resolutions to set apart a good camera with a bad one.

    Go for a camera with 12-16megapixles that has an aperture of 2 or lower than 2, which can also click clear pictures in low light with good focus point.
    Opt for companies that claim to be better in the field.

  • Internal Memory
    Internal MemoryAnother important thing to look for in a good smartphone is its storage capacity.
    There are two types of memory- ROM and RAM.
    ROM would be your phone’s internal storage capacity that stores your operating system, pictures, videos, cache and files.
    While the RAM helps the phone work efficiently and function as a smartphone.Pick a phone with higher ROM and RAM capacity for better functioning of the phone.
    Gamers should opt for a phone with higher RAM that goes up to 8GB, for faster and smooth operations. If you are a medium or a light user, a 4GB RAM phone would be the best option.
    Opt for a higher ROM capacity, for example, 64GB or 128GB or 256GB to help you store all your stuff without any issue.
  • Processor
    ProcessorThe processor of your phone will determine the speed of your everyday functions performed. Higher the speed, better the performance of your phone.Some of the key processors available are Snapdragon, A series Bionic, Quadcore and Octa Core.
    In general, you should always go for higher processing speed like Snapdragon 835 or A11 Bionic processors, so that the apps start faster, the browsing gets faster and many more.

    Most Android phones come with a Snapdragon processor and the iPhones with A series Bionic processor.
    Select carefully your processors to avoid any difficulty later on.

  • Operating System
    Operating SystemThe most important feature that makes your smartphone actually work and function, is its operating system. All the apps and functions are stored in the OS.
    The latest versions of the operating systems are always a delight to work onto. The basic OS available on your smart phones are Android and iOS. IOS is exclusively built for iPhone users. All other smartphones work on Android.With Android 10 being the latest version, it will offer you some of the best features to relish.
    With iOS 13 being the latest version, be ready to experience the finest version on the selected phone.
    Remember to pick a mobile that has the latest version installed for accessing all the benefits.


Gadget Insurance

With the inception of smartphones, the theft rates have risen fairly. Not just thefts, there are many reasons that can compel you to insure your smartphones the moment you buy them.
Now that the prices range as high as Rs.50000 and even Rs.100000 in some cases, it becomes necessary to take cover well in time.
Some of the main reasons why you should opt for gadget insurance are listed below-

  • Theft
  • Damage or failure of hardware or software
  • Damage due to unforeseen events including man made or natural calamities

Once you have taken an insurance, you can get a replacement of the device depending on the amount of cover taken.
Some of the companies that can assist you in getting a Mobile Insurance are AppsDaily, SyncNScan, One Assist, Times Global Insurance.

Make sure you get your mobile insured for availing all the benefits in case of any emergency.



It has become quite a challenge to find the perfect mobile as per your preferences.
Hence, we have tried to sort some points which will help you narrow down your search and ultimately help you in picking the best phone for your needs.