6 Questions to Answer before Marriage

before Marriage
before Marriage

Psychologist Andrea Bonaire encourages each couple to discuss these things before marrying. As a psychologist and editor of a tips column, she met many unhappy married people. In some cases, crises led to problems but in others, difficulties initially appeared as daily conflicts due to incompatibility. 

If you plan to connect life with another person and you are looking for Russian brides online or offline, you need to deal with the controversial issues. None of them should be the reason for a break because love can become a motivation for working on relationships.  


1. What partner’s features can start to annoy in five years? 

The irony of romantic love is that at first, the partner traits that are opposite to your own can attract. Its spontaneity seems exciting because you are used to living according to plan. Her tendency to relax with a slight malaise looks great because you force yourself to work even with the flu. 

2. How do you experience stress together and individually? 

What does your partner do when he or she gets stuck in traffic? How does he or she behave if you do not get enough sleep? What if his or her parents have sudden health problems? 

3. How does your partner feel about drugs, alcohol, and gambling? 

Of course, addiction to drugs and gambling can occur suddenly. But most often, potential dependence can be foreseen – you are just afraid or do not want to notice it. Or, while you are young, endless parties seem to be the norm. When you get children, an alliance with an incorrigible party-goer will no longer look like such a good idea. 

4. How do you get along in everyday life? 

Imagine that next to you is not a loved one but just a roommate. How well do you get along? Do you coincide in choosing a comfortable temperature and sleep mode? How do you resolve issues related to cleaning, cooking, home improvement, pets, and guests? These are, although prosaic, but very important questions. 

5. What do you think of children? 

It is clear that before going to the registry office, you need to find out whether you both want children or not. However, it is important to discuss the details. Suppose each of you vaguely represents oneself as the parent of two children. But what if the other absolutely wants to have one child? But what if you face infertility? You need to dig deeper and explore all the nuances. 

6. How much and often do you discuss relationships with others? 

At the beginning of the relationship, it is normal to share experiences with friends and relatives. Marriage changes everything. Therefore, it is important to understand whether it will be considered cheating if the wife talks about sexual problems with her friend. Or if the husband asks for family advice from his mother. 

There are no correct answers to these questions. But the more yours match, the easier it will be for you two to stay together.