7 Ways To Boost Virtual Learning Retention

Getting Employees To Apply What They’ve Learned

Think back. You just facilitated an amazing webinar or launched a great eLearning module. You have incredible evaluation scores and your learners were very appreciative. But will they use what you taught them? Unfortunately, the odds are against you. Research shows that 70% of new information learned is lost within 24 hours. And the culprit is almost always a lack of practical application.

Why Practical Application Matters For Learning Retention

While eLearning itself can boost retention rates compared to in-person training, whether a learner retains the information often lies with how well they are able to apply what they learn. Recent Gartner research has found that only 54% of employees are applying newly learned skills. But why? The short answer is, we learn by doing.

With virtual learning, this can be even more challenging because we don’t have the same kinesthetic learning opportunities that face-to-face classes provide. But there are meaningful things we can do to increase learning retention in our remote training sessions.

How To Boost Virtual Learning Retention

If we want to increase our employees’ learning retention, we need to give our learners opportunities to try out the…

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