89-year-old adds pop of color with home sewn masks for staff at Peachtree Corners senior living community | News

Carol Myer, an 89- year-old local at Village Park Senior Living in Peachtree Corners, is utilizing her time at home to stitch masks for the staff in her community amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

So much, she’s sewn 132 masks of all various shades and also prints, something Executive Director D.K. Carter stated everybody in the community believes is wonderful.

“She makes different patterns for all of our staff and some residents based on their personalities and what stands out to them,” he stated. “It’s a really fun way to add a pop of color to your uniform or outfit and a little bit of sunshine to your day.”

Myer commemorated her 89 th birthday celebration this previous week, and also stated she’s been stitching considering that she was 12 years of ages. She lately grabbed quilting as a pastime.

Although Myer had never ever sewn a mask previously, she had a whole lot of scrap items of product from quilting and also chose she can place them to utilize throughout this moment. She made an example and also recommended the concept to the staff at the senior living community a couple of weeks earlier.

“They came back and asked how much they were going to be,” Myer stated. “I laughed and said, ‘No, this is strictly volunteer. It’s a fun project and I want to help however I can.'”

Myer stitches Monday via Friday and also makes concerning 6 to 12 masks daily. When her household learnt what she was doing for her senior living community, her child sent her 3 bags of material and also her child’s pal sent her 2 even more huge bags.

Myer giggled and also stated she has sufficient material to maintain embroidery for fairly a long time, something she prepares to remain to do.

“The staff keeps telling me they use them and need them, so I’m more than happy to keep sewing for them,” Myer stated. “And Village Park sent me a fruit tree and a big ‘Thank You’ balloon, which was a big surprise to me. I wasn’t expecting anything. This is strictly volunteer, but it was nice to be remembered.”

Myer and also her other half have actually been living at Village Park for 2 years. When she’s not stitching masks for the staff, she’s stitching some for her friends and family, bringing the number of masks she’s sewn closer to 150.

Other times, she’s just servicing various other little jobs to illuminate herhome

“It’s just in me,” Myer stated. “I started with small little projects when I was young, and then I had my children so I started sewing for them and making curtains and covers and pillows and whatever for the home. Then a few years ago I got into quilting. I also like to sew for gifts and that sort of thing. It’s just something I enjoy. It’s part of my life.”

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