A TikTok video where Princess Alexia of Orange sings sparks controversy in the Netherlands | People


Princess Alexia of Orange, second of the three daughters of the kings, Guillermo and Máxima, is 14 years old, and her well-known hobbies include singing and documenting her leisure on social networks. The latter is not easy for a teenager whose parents prefer that she not have a public presence until she comes of age, and thus, a homemade karaoke published in the TikTok short video application, where she appears with two friends, has caused a double controversy. On whether the account is his, or has been hacked, on the one hand, and on the management of Tiktok, owned by the Chinese technology company ByteDance. Last May, the Dutch authorities announced an investigation into the safety of underage users.

In the recording, already deleted from TikTok, Alexia sings in a room with her colleagues while the theme plays in the background In the party, by the American rapper Flo Milli. As the artist herself has explained, her theme tries to reflect a new generation of women who have learned to manage alone and do not allow themselves to be dominated. In the video, Alexia chants a part of the lyrics where two words are mentioned that could have put her on the spot. It’s about fuck (in Spanish, fuck, used here to show rejection) and nigga, an English colloquial version of the term nigger (black, in a derogatory sense referring to race). Both the princess and her friends close their mouths when both words sound, but having saved that pothole has not avoided controversy.

Marc van der Linden, expert on the Dutch Royal Family, indicates in the magazine Royalty that “the images reached the page of a friend of Alexia’s, and copies were made that became viral.” Then he adds the following: “There is no doubt that the princess saw him and asked for his withdrawal, or perhaps it was his parents, or the Royal House’s own Information Service [RVD, en sus siglas neerlandesas]. This is what has happened so far with all the personal messages posted by herself, and others, on social networks ”, she adds. Although Alexia and her sisters, Amalia (16 years old) and Ariane (13 years old) are already famous and do not need to post photos to gain followers, they cannot use the networks with the same freedom as their friends. At this point, Van der Linden indicates that “the firmness of the parents must generate family discussions”.

Kings Guillermo and Máxima want to maintain the privacy of their three daughters, and their public appearances are captured in accordance with the code of conduct agreed with the media. It is voluntary, but the professionals who violate it are not called again to the traditional summer and winter inns, in addition to King’s Day, celebrated on April 27. In 2019, during said party, the commercial chain RTL briefly interviewed, without censorship, the heiress, who recognized “how strange it still is for me to think that this will be my life, but I do not want to present an image of myself that is not authentic, ”he said.

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