Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Will Not Take Time To Decide His Future After Season End

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

The Packers’ QB has assured fans that he will not spend a lot of time determining what he desires to do next. Aaron Rodgers, now 38, discussed his future opportunities with fans.

On Wednesday, the Green Bay Packers Quarterback went through all his options. From joining a different team to staying with the Green Bay Packers to retiring, he went through them all.

Aaron Rodgers said that his decision will not take months. He will sit down with Mark Murphy (team president), Brian Gutekunst (general manager), Russ Ball (VP), Matt LaFleur (coach), and dear ones and decide. He plans to have a lengthy and thorough discussion with them. 

Aaron Rodgers’ Time With The Packers

Aaron had described the future with the Green Bay Packers as a wonderful mystery. After the Packers lost against the Buccaneers, Aaron and several players were left with shaky futures. 

This April, Adam Schefter declared on ESPN that Aaron had been telling acquaintances that he wanted to leave the Packers after the season ended. In July, Aaron put the false accusations to rest. He expressed his disappointment and sadness. He said that he should have been included in dialogues that impact his career.

Aaron Rodgers said that Bryan and he share a beautiful bond. It is something that he greatly cherishes. Conversations that they had in the offseason deeply impacted him and he is very appreciative of him. 

Green Bay Packers coach, Matt LaFleur, has Aaron Rodgers’ gratitude and respect. Rodgers explained that the coach did his very best each match. Matt helped the team grow and improve. His teammates and coaching staff made every day memorable and fun. He has nothing but love for them. 

Aaron Rodgers is signed to the Packers till the end of next season. Initially, he was to be signed till 2023 but Green Bay Packers agreed to shorten it by a year