Andrew Cuomo Will File Professional Misconduct Complaint Against NY Attorney General Letitia James

Andrew Cuomo

A lawyer for former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that Cuomo wants to submit a complaint against New York Legal General Letitia James. Along with a state court commission that investigates complaints of attorney misconduct. Rita Glavin, the attorney, accused James’s office of “selectively” redacting information in the bombshell sexual harassment report. 

Andrew Cuomo Will Not Sit Quietly

The report led to Cuomo’s resignation last year, as well as including “materially misleading information” in the report and “slow-rolling” the release of the underlying interview depositions after the report’s findings were announced.

Cuomo’s critiques of the study, according to Glavin, have not been taken seriously by James’ office.

Even though his allegations were found to be credible by numerous district attorneys, Rita Glavin maintained that five criminal investigations revealed Cuomo did not harass anybody.

Rita Glavin’s claims come after she earlier admitted that some of Andrew Cuomo’s charges may have been true.

Even if one accepts every complaint as true (which they do not), she said in October that more than half of the complainant’s assertions do not fulfill the legal criteria for sexual harassment.

Andrew Cuomo has also admitted that some of his actions were unsuitable. He stated in his resignation speech that he had never crossed the line with anybody, but he was unaware that the boundaries had been altered.

During a press conference on Thursday, Glavin all but confessed that Cuomo had broken the state’s anti-sexual harassment policy.

Even though sexual harassment is not a felony in New York, district attorneys in Manhattan, Albany, Westchester, Nassau, and Oswego counties have all opened investigations into charges that he subjected several women to unwanted groping and kissing.

The allegations, which included one from a state trooper assigned to his protection detail, were detailed in Attorney General Letitia James’ bombshell report, which drove Cuomo to quit in August under fear of impeachment.

Andrew Cuomo, 64, is accused of groping Brittany Commisso, a 33-year-old assistant, at Albany’s Executive Mansion in December 2020. As a result, a misdemeanor charge of forceful touching was filed.

However, Albany County District Attorney David Soares dismissed the prosecution.

Other prosecutors have likewise declined to prosecute Cuomo, with Oswego DA Gregory Oakes recently stating that there were insufficient legal grounds to pursue criminal charges against him.

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