Andrew Cuomo Told To Resign By Biden

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of the state of New York was told by Joe Biden, the President, to resign from his office. This incident took place after a new report was not released by the office of the state attorney general of New York on the 3rd of August. The case that the Democratic governor is accused of is sexual harassment. All these incidents led the President of the United States of America to claim that it is better for him to resign.

Andrew Cuomo Criticized

As per the report, there have been so many violations made by the administration of Governor Andrew Cuomo. The report states all the mentioned incidents in detail. It has also been found that his administration had an extremely hostile environment. Along with that, the 63-year-old violated several laws, both state and federal. Following the release, Joe Biden, the President was asked about where he stands in this case.

He was asked if he has any problem with the fact that the accused uses his relationship with him in order to defend himself and that he is still using his pictures. To this, the President stated that though there might be a few instances where he is really innocent for now he is a convict as claimed by the attorney general. He also stated that he was not in touch with Andrew Cuomo. He also added that he did not go through the report line by line, however, he does know what the conclusion holds for the New York Governor. 

President Biden had stated before that in case Andrew Cuomo is held to be a convict by the attorney general after everything is investigated then he has no trite to continue staying in his office. This statement was given in the month of March.