Bahrain not expecting outer loop to replace F1 GP layout

Bahrain will host two races towards the end of the 2020 season as part of the revised calendar, joining the Red Bull Ring and Silverstone in staging multiple grands prix this year.

Unlike the other two tracks, Bahrain will use different circuit layouts for its two events, making use of its outer loop configuration for the second race on December 6. 

The track is set to offer lap times of under 55 seconds in qualifying, according to F1’s simulations, and has been described by some F1 drivers as “awesome”. 

But it is unlikely the outer loop layout will become a permanent fixture on the calendar, with Bahrain International Circuit CEO Sheikh Salman bin Isa al-Khalifa believing the regular grand prix track will remain the priority.

“It’s an interesting year, I think decisions were made, especially with us, because of the situation that we’re in,” Sheikh Salman told 

“It is a lot shorter of a track, and so for us, I think the international layout is something that we know more fans can see, because of the inner part and the technical aspect.

“It’s a decision that they made considering the situation that they’re in, and they would have to do more events.

“If we had one race per year, or if we were chosen for one race only, it would be on the international…

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