Blended Learning 2.0. Insights [eBook Release]

Blended Learning Solutions For The Digital Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workplace dynamics, and we are seeing the “new normal” of remote operations. This has led to the need for a rapid virtual training transformation. But how can Blended Learning 2.0 reinforce your training?

As organizations undertake this transformation, a common concern that L&D teams have is whether virtual training can create the same value and impact as their existing ILT sessions. For now, since most of the training will be consumed virtually, L&D teams also need cues on how to engage remote learners.

eBook Release

Blended Learning 2.0—Adopting The Next Gen Blended Learning Model For The Digital Workplace

Learn how to maximize the impact of your virtual training transformation with blended learning.

In order to match today’s workplace dynamics (remote operations), the answer lies in adopting the next-gen approach, known as Blended Learning 2.0 or the Blended 2.0 mode. A median offering of VILT sessions and self-paced online learning, Blended Learning 2.0 is emerging as the preferred and optimal mode for virtual training.

In this eBook,

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