Boohoo has ‘many failings’ in its supply chain, review finds

Fashion retailer Boohoo has “many failings” in its supply chain but has demonstrated it is taking steps to remedy the problem, an independent review commissioned by the company has found.

The investigation, which was led by lawyer Alison Levitt, came in response to allegations that factories making its clothes were paying workers less than the minimum wage. Boohoo has denied illegal wages among its suppliers.

The review, published on Friday, examined compliance with rules on wages and working practices among the chain’s suppliers during the pandemic and concluded that if Boohoo changed “how it both views and interacts with the Leicester supply chain, it has within its power to be a tremendous force for good”.

In response, Boohoo plans to add two non-executive directors to strengthen its board and give independent directors a majority on its board, it said. It will also appoint an independent person to provide oversight of how it is implementing the changes.

Ms Levitt, a former legal adviser to the Crown Prosecution Service, said she was “confident” the changes Boohoo was willing to make involved a “relatively easily achieved realignment of its priorities and governance systems”.

She also said she was satisfied that Boohoo did not deliberately allow poor…

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