Brexit trade talks set to stall again over British truckers’ EU access

Brussels has rejected the UK’s opening demands for continued wide-ranging access to the EU for British truckers, setting the stage for a clash when Brexit trade negotiations resume on Wednesday.

UK road haulage groups warned that failure to strike a deal by the end of the post-Brexit transition on December 31 would hurt hauliers and businesses on both side of the Channel, driving up costs and reducing availability for pan-EU supply chains.

The European Commission has told EU member states that the British request for trucking access was “fundamentally unbalanced”.

The UK wants British truckers to be allowed to continue making pick-ups and drop-offs both inside EU member states — known as “cabotage” — and between them, according to two people familiar with the negotiations.

The commission has warned member states that the UK request for cabotage rights is too similar to pre-Brexit levels of access to the EU single market and does not commit to enough level playing-field guarantees to ensure EU hauliers are not…

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