Bridging The Digital Gap With Web 2.0

Bridging The Digital Gap

When Gianna finished her class with another absolute failure in achieving what she was really expecting from her secondary learners in their English Language curriculum regarding their research project (searching the web for the plays currently running in the city), she had no idea the “reflection meeting” she was later going to have with the school mentor would benefit her and her classes so much with what she called digital learning. A smooth shift from the conventional web she had grown fond of and the web her students were familiar with could turn over the page to a new chapter in her teaching. “Let’s start with Web 2.0 to bridge the digital gap in your classes!”

Web 2.0 For Digital Natives

Although Gianna had become acquainted with the World Wide Web through websites, the “world of web” meant something totally different to the majority of her learners. Web from her perspective was a huge and rich digital archive with content from around the globe; however, in her students’ opinion, the web was an interaction hub in which they communicated with one another, shared, liked, commented, and reported! She vividly remembers what “reflection” questions the mentor started with in that meeting:

  1. What exactly…

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