Britney Spears Has Commented On The Alleged Assault By Wembanyama’s Security

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

American singer Britney Spears has commented on the recent incident of her being assaulted by Victor Wembenyama’s security. Victor Wembenyama, has been drafted for the National Basketball Association by the San Antonio Spur. According to Britney Spears, as the singer had stated on her Twitter account on July 6, Spear saw Victor at her hotel in Los Angeles, as she was heading out for dinner.

She immediately recognised the French basketball player and had approached him to congratulate Victor for his June NBA drafting. Spears further elaborated that it was very loud, so she had tapped on Victor’s shoulder to get his attention, however, a security guard of his security guard backhanded Spears on her face, causing the pop star to fall down on the ground and her glasses flying away in front of a cheering crowd. After the incident, neither Wembenyama nor his team of security stopped, and went on their way. The Police Department Las Vegas had arrived at the hotel later at night on the report of battery charges, however no one was arrested. 

Wembenyama Responded To The Assault Of Britney Spears

Victor Wembenyam responded to the allegations stated by Britney Spears to reporters on July 6. He said that one of his security guards had pushed away someone who had tried to grab him from behind and he had no knowledge that it was Britney Spears and with how much force she was pushed. Spears had responded to Victor’s comments vehemently criticizing his team of security. She also corrected saying that she did not try to grab him from behind, and the whole incident has been very embarrassing for her as it happened in front of crowds.

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