Brooklyn Nets Bringing Back All-Star Guard Kyrie Irving Despite His Vaccine Refusal

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving

It appears that Nets point guard Kyrie Irving finally has won his personal argument against the vaccine mandate. His holdout has forced his team to relent and start the process of bringing him back into the team, although partially.

It remains unclear when Kyrie Irving will debut this season. But it appears he has won his battle after the team opted to recall him despite his refusal to be vaccinated. It is a partial recall though.

Kyrie Irving isn’t permitted to play in New York as the city has a strict COVID-19 vaccine mandate. At present, he will be confined to playing away games for the Nets. It also confirms that Kyrie Irving is certainly not vaccinated.

Brooklyn Nets Does An About U-Turn On Kyrie Irving After Their Earlier Statement

This Friday, Brooklyn Nets have confirmed that they will be partially recalling Irving in a fresh statement. After discussion with staff, players, and coaches, they said that Irving can join his team for practice and games where he is entitled for participation.

The team management said that this decision was taken with the total support of the team players and after due consideration had been given to the present circumstances. The team has considered the issue of players being unavailable owing to injuries and other health issues.

They further clarified that the inclusion of Kyrie Irving will make them a superior team and also allow them to balance the demands of the whole roster in a favorable way. The team looked forward to getting back the entire roster and also Irving’s inclusion in the regular lineup.

New York’s vaccine mandate requires that players playing in an indoor area should be vaccinated. Irving has given no reason for his refusal to get vaccinated, though he claims to be the voice of the voiceless, people who lost their jobs due to the vaccine mandate.

Kyrie Irving poses a threat both to himself and his team. And should he contract the virus, he will be mandated to stay out for a greater period as he is unvaccinated.

Even if he debuts in other cities like Los Angeles or Portland, he will have to stay virus-free for 5 consecutive days and pass multiple tests for the coronavirus. Once he joins, Kyrie Irving will have to get himself tested every day.