Brown surprised “angry” Stroll withdrew F1 appeal

Racing Point was docked 15 constructors’ championship points and fined 400,000 Euros after being found guilty by the FIA of having used Mercedes-designed brake ducts.

That decision, allied to rivals Renault, McLaren, Williams and Ferrari initially appealing the verdict, prompted an outspoken statement from team owner Stroll in declaring that he did not accept the FIA’s ruling.

“I do not often speak publicly, however I am extremely angry at any suggestion we have been underhand or have cheated,” said the Canadian. “Particularly those comments coming from our competitors.

“I have never cheated at anything in my life. These accusations are completely unacceptable and not true.

“My integrity – and that of my team – are beyond question. Everyone at Racing Point was shocked and disappointed by the FIA ruling and firmly maintain our innocence.”

Racing Point lodged its own appeal against the verdict, but eventually decided to back down and not take the matter further.

Brown, whose team withdrew its own appeal in the wake of the FIA agreeing to tighten the rules to prevent anyone copying again to the extent that Racing Point did, said that he thought Stroll would see out the appeal since he felt so strongly about it.

“I was surprised they withdrew, because he was going to go through…

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