California Could Become Haven For Abortion Rights If Roe Vs Wade Gets Overturned

Senate Republicans

Even as around 24 states gear up to stifle abortion rights if the Supreme Court sanctions the go-ahead, California clinics plan to become a refuge for women across the country in search of reproductive care. Along with abortion rights, there is also a proposal to pay for travel, stay, and procedures supporting women coming in from banned states.

 The Future of Abortion Council has suggested 45 proposals for California to consider if the Roe vs Wade ruling is overturned by the courts. This ruling, nearly half a century old, forbids states from outlawing abortion.

Senior policymakers of California are behind these abortion rights recommendations. They include the leader of the state Senate, Toni Atkins, the Democrat from San Diego. He attended numerous meetings of the council on abortion rights.

Gov. Newsom Behind Abortion Rights For Other State Residents

The group was started by Governor Gavin Newsom himself. He said that details of the report would be incorporated into the January budget proposal.

Governor Newsom categorically stated that California would become a sanctuary for abortion rights. He said that he was aware that people would come in from various states to take advantage of California’s liberal abortion rights. He said that they are considering measures to support the possibility and devise ways to encompass protective measures.

Residents of the state get support for abortions through Medi-Cal, the medical aid program offered by California, subject to income. California is also among the 6 states in the US that require insurance companies to include abortion, though patients still are required to pay co-payments and deductibles.

California will not have difficulty in funding abortion services even for patients coming in from outside California, as it has a huge budget surplus of around $31B.

California reported an increase in cases from Texas after the southern state banned abortion of pregnancies over 6 weeks. The proposed plans for people coming in from other states include funding for travel, including paying for gas. Transportation, lodging, childcare are other support measures being proposed.

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