Car Loan Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

You are probably guilty of committing a few mistakes in your lifetime; everyone has. Although it might help you to improve and gain experience, financial mistakes will cost you your hard-earned cash. That is an expensive way of learning. From risky investments to clearing your loan and a simple task like applying for a loan are all full of pitfalls that are waiting to make you fall.

The traps lay there in await to exploit your situation and double the amount you need to make. Buying a car does not just entail selecting your desired one and driving it home. You must know how you will pay for it. For most, it involves getting a car loan. Did the bank announce that you qualify for the auto loan? That’s great. However, that does not mean that you should take it. Below are crucial yet overlooked aspect of a loan

1. Focusing on Monthly Payment of the Loan

You must be aware of your daily budget before seeking a car loan. Although the bank will suggest a loan plan that they think is suitable for you, you need to do your analysis. Relax and analyze your situation then determine a loan amount that is realistic for you.

Do not just look at the loan from the monthly payments you will need to be making. Instead, consider the down payment and the maintenance costs that you will incur. You wouldn’t want to sign for the loan and purchase your dream car only for you to struggle to make ends meet.

2. Failing to Wait for a Loan Pre Approval

Shopping for a vehicle is a highly emotional process. The last thing you would want is your feelings getting the best of you in such a crucial situation. You should wait to get pre-approved for the loan before going for car shopping. That way, you will go shopping with a clear idea of the budget.

 It will help you avoid the temptation of accepting car dealer loans and signing off for a bad offer. Loans from vehicle dealership should never be in your list of car loan opportunities. For example, in Canada alone, you need to be very careful of Canada’s bad credit car loans. The downside of these loans is that their fees are higher than loans from a credit union. Such credits may seem attractive if you go shopping before getting a car loan pre-approval.

3.  Failure to Window Shop

Avoid taking the first loan you get after the creditor confirms that you qualify for it. You need to check for more auto loan options and compare them. You will notice that rates and terms vary from one creditor to another. In most cases, a loan with slightly different terms and rates could save you thousands. However, you may miss out on it if you fail to do a bit of research.

4. Negotiating on the Amount instead of the Cost

The most terrible mistake you can make is bargaining on the monthly payment of the credit when you should be negotiating on the purchase price. It is a strategy that creditors will use so that they can get more money from the deal.

When your dealer inquires on the monthly amount that you are willing to pay, avoid stating your offer. That’s because your dealer will work out a plan that will offer a lower monthly payment. However, you pay over the life of your loan will be higher. A lower monthly payment is undoubtedly enticing, but in the long run, the creditor will manage to squeeze lots of money from you.


Buying your desired car doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. You must take an auto loan smartly and get the lowest interest rate you can on loan. The above list should enlighten you so that your loan application process is as pain-free as possible. That way, you will lead the best financial life.