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Thursday, September 21, 2023
Ebrahim Raisi, a hardline judiciary chief with a brutal human rights record, is set to win Iran's controversial presidential election, according to preliminary results announced by the interior ministry and reported by state media Saturday.
Brady Wang, Counterpoint Research Associate Director, joins Yahoo Finance's Kristin Myers and Alexis Chrostoforous to discuss the disruption in global shipping and the chip supply chain amid COVID-19 outbreaks in Asia.
Roger Dow, President and CEO of U.S. Travel Association, joined Yahoo Finance's Kristin Myers and Alexis Christoforous to discuss key issues at the G7 Summit..
Yahoo Finance's Oscar Williams Grit reports on the reopening restrictions in the UK due to the Delta variant concerns.
Yahoo Finance’s Akiko Fujita breaks reports the latest stories from around the world including President Biden meeting with Turkish president Erdogan in Brussels, two Americans pleading guilty to helping former Nissan executive Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan, and Israeli Parliament voting to oust President Netanyahu.
Yahoo Finance's Seana Smith reports the latest news from around the globe including Naftali Bennett being sworn in as Israel's Prime Minister, a chemical plant fire and explosion causes evacuations and a space ship ride with Jeff Bezos sells for $28 million.
CNN has collected dozens of accounts that detail the alleged detention and deportation of Uyghurs at China's request in three major Arab countries: Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. China, Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have not responded to CNN's requests for comment. CNN's Jomana Karadsheh reports.
French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped in the face by a man in a crowd as he spoke to the public during a visit to southeast France on Tuesday, video of the incident posted on social media showed. The footage, shared by CNN-affiliate BFM, showed Macron walking up to a...
El Salvador might become the first country to make Bitcoin legal tender. The president of the country, Nayib Bukele, recently proposed a law to congress about this matter. If the new law is approved, it will make El Salvador the first country in the world to make Bitcoin legal...
Gary Neville was speaking on the Sky Sports Euros Podcast, your home of the best debate, discussion and analysis throughout the tournament. Neville tells the Sky Sports Football Euros podcast how he thinks England will fare at Euro 2020, how transfer talk will affect Harry Kane and his tip...
Kamala Harris arrived to Guatemala under intense political pressure to stem the flow of migrants to the US, with many people asking what she's doing heading out on her first foreign trip as vice president before releasing a comprehensive strategy. The answer, according to people close to her, is...
After more than a year stuck idle, cruise ships will soon set sail again. Royal Caribbean says it will sail beginning July 1, but a political storm brewing on land between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the CDC could complicate the process.
CNN's Fareed Zakaria gives his take on why China's increasingly assertive foreign policy is putting it at odds not just with foreign nations, but also with its own interests.
Israeli opposition leader Naftali Bennett says he's ready to join parties on the Left to form a new unity coalition government that could unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. CNN's Hadas Gold reports.
CNN's Jake Tapper speaks to Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, a top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, about the origins of Covid-19, the potential evacuation of thousands of Afghan nationals whose work for the US could make them Taliban targets, and election reforms in his home state.
The Greek government is working to welcome tourists back with the promise of 'Covid-free' islands. But the revival of tourism in Mykonos, the country's best-known party island, rests on the government's decision to lift bans on music scenes and crowds. CNN's Sam Kiley reports.
China announced it will allow couples to have up to three children to try to reverse declining birth rates. It may be a tough sell for some families who think raising children in cities is too expensive. CNN's Scott McLean reports.
India has been hit by the strongest storm on record to reach its west coast, hampering authorities' response to the Covid-19 crisis in some of the country's hardest hit regions. CNN's Anna Coren has more.
France was aware that a genocide was being prepared in Rwanda ahead of the 1994 killings and the French government bore a significant responsibility for enabling it, the Rwandan government said in a report.
CNN's Bianna Golodryga talks with Arab-Israeli lawmaker Aida Touma Suleiman about the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict as Israeli warplanes continue to pound Gaza, and Palestinian protesters hit the streets in cities across the West Bank and elsewhere.