China Responsible For Microsoft Hacking, Says the US And Its Allies!

microsoft hacking
microsoft hacking

The Western allies and the administration of Biden are blaming China for the Microsoft hacking which took place on Monday. There was a major hack of the email servers of Microsoft Exchange. The blame is being put on China for Microsoft hacking. Beijing has since been accused of collaborating with ransomware hackers and other illegal cyber operations. 

Contract Hackers Hired By Chinese Government Involved In The Microsoft Hacking!

The announcements haven’t yet been coupled with sanctions on the government of China. A senior official of the administration of Biden has termed this as a repeating pattern of bad and irresponsible behavior by the government of China in cyberspace. Once again, Chinese hackers have been a threat in cyberspace. China is involved in the Microsoft hacking, claims the US. On Monday, a wide range of threats from Beijing in cyberspace was disclosed. It included a cyber ransomware attack against targeted victims in the United States from hackers affiliated with the Chinese government. The hackers demanded monetary sums in millions. Now, they are responsible for the Microsoft hacking which took place on Monday. 

US officials have accused the security of the State Ministry of China of using contract criminal hackers to engage in schemes of cyber extortion and theft. China has been using contract hackers for their profit! This comes after the announcement of the Microsoft hacking! Meanwhile, on Monday, the Department of Justice announced grave charges against 4 Chinese Nationals. They are collaborating with the security of the State Ministry to target many computer systems, including government entities, universities, and companies. The charges have been put against the defendants for stealing confidential information regarding business and trade secrets. China needs to take responsibility if it is proven to be violating cyberspace!