Choosing An LMS For Schools In Developing Nations

Buyer Considerations When Choosing An LMS For Schools

The sudden necessary migration of many schools to online platforms caused by the ongoing pandemic has caused school owners and administrators in developing nations to seriously consider Learning Management Systems (LMS) as they transform into online educational entities to survive. One clear definition of Learning Management Systems is that an LMS  “helps streamline the learning process by providing a central location for accessing material online and developing content. LMS software is used by K-12 schools, higher education institutions, school districts, etc.,” [5] providing benefits to administrators, teachers, and students alike as they can access and upload course materials such as calendars, syllabi, assignments, and grades. LMS platforms also allow instructors and administrators to track student progress on an individual basis and at the aggregate level.

LMS software additionally helps minimize the use of paper materials and supports remote learning [5]. This site,, contrasts LMS with eLearning software which is beneficial to understand in order to make the right choice. The key difference cited is that eLearning software gives access to curated digital…

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