Stimulus Check Update: Citizens Who Are Still Eligible For The Third Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

The third stimulus checks of $1,400 are not distributed anymore by the IRS along with any extra payments that the citizens might get in 2021. However, as per news, the eligible people can still get their hands on these checks after filing their tax returns for this season. 

All About The Third Stimulus Check Of $1,400 

A report has been shared by the Department of Treasury which states that approximately 644,705 citizens still did not receive their payments due to some issue. Although there might be some people who have received the stimulus check among the above-mentioned numbers, the data still shows otherwise. Hence, there is a lot of confusion regarding the actual number of citizens who did not get their stimulus check. 

As per the Recovery Rebate Credit, people can still claim their missed money after filing this year. The third check which was sanctioned under the American Rescue Plan distributed $1,400 to individuals and $2,800 to joint filers along with an extra $1,400 for every dependent. The citizens who wanted to qualify for the stimulus check must be a citizen of America and also must have the number of social security with some exceptions for dependents and spouses. 

The income level to qualify for the check must be less than $75,000 for individuals, $112,000 for household heads, and $150,000 for joint filers. In a case where the financial situation of a family changes over time and then meets the qualification, they could even be eligible for the stimulus check.

Thus, it is advised to people that they should file their taxes immediately. The amount of money from the Recovery Rebate Credit will either be subtracted from the taxes or can be distributed as a refund to the people. Lastly, people who have got their last stimulus check must not give those details in the filing of tax returns for 2021.

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