Crash Landing on You: The defector who brought North-South Korean romance to life

Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin

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The dramatization centres around the not likely love in between a South Korean heiress as well as a North Korean policeman.

An doubtful romance in which a (essentially) high-flying South Korean heiress inadvertently paraglides right into North Korea, lands on a soldier as well as falls for him has actually come to be the most up to date Korean dramatization blockbuster.

Crash Landing on You remains in several means a common K-drama romance, however has actually been commonly commended for its well-researched as well as nuanced representation of North Korea, something it attained by having a genuine-life North Korean defector on its composing group, as BBC Korean’s Subin Kim describes.

With his wide shoulders as well as thick upper body, Kwak Moon- wan has all the look of a bodyguard.

That’s possibly since up until 2004, he offered with the Supreme Guard Command, the elite safety pressure which safeguards North Korea’s judgment Kim household.

He was so relied on that he was appointed to job overseas also, for a North Korean profession firm in Moscow which was generating much required international money.

Only a choose couple of North Koreans are allowed to job outside the nation, as well as to guarantee their proceeded commitment the leaders have procedures in position – Kwak had to leave his partner as well as kid behind in North Korea.

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Kwak Moon- wan examined movie routing inPyongyang

In 2004, he was gotten to return toPyongyang During a stop in Beijing, he learnt among his close friends in Moscow had actually reported to their managers in Pyongyang what he had actually claimed secretive discussion.

He recognized instantly that what he would certainly claimed would certainly trigger massive problem when he obtained house.

During our discussion in a coffee bar in Seoul, Kwak maintained glimpsing around to check who could be close by. He speech is uncomplicated, otherwise candid, however Kwak would not duplicate to me what he claimed. He’d just state he had actually spoken about what he saw while accompanying participants of the Kim household at that time.

So he chose to issue.Alone And he has actually stayed in South Korea without his household since.

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“I only have one shadow when the sun comes up,” Kwak claimed. “That’s my life in South Korea.”

After getting here in South Korea, Kwak, like countless North Korean defectors, started the procedure of constructing a brand-newlife And it took an impressive spin of destiny for Kwak to locate his means right into the flourishing globe of Korean amusement.

From defector to movie consultant

Before going into the army, Kwak had actually hung around discovering movie. Back in the 1980 s, the North Korean movie sector was flourishing, as a result of after that leader Kim Jong Il’s popular love of the art.

At that time, Kwak had to do with to begin on additional education and learning, as well as he wound up being approved to research movie routing in Pyongyang University of Dramatic as well as CinematicArts

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Despite all the social distinctions, both can not assist dropping in love.

Shortly after Kwak got here in South Korea, a renowned filmmaker who was functioning on a North Korea- themed movie task come close to South Korea’s spy company requesting for some guidance.

Kwak had actually simply completed his investigations, component of the resettlement procedure brand-new defectors undergo, in which he would certainly spoken about his movie abilities.

The company placed him in contact with the filmmaker, who supplied him a task at his movie firm. Kwak approved it right now.

He went on to job as a consultant as well as a film writer on a variety of movies as well as dramatization, as well as in 2018 a previous associate presented Kwak to Park Ji- eun, the head author of the dramatization.

She had actually generated a suggestion of an enchanting funny including a North Korean policeman as well as a South Korean heiress, however her absence of intimate understanding of Northern life was a pushing problem.

Kwak signing up with the group kick-started the Crash Landing on You task.

Undercover spies as well as homeless youngsters

The collection has actually turned into one of one of the most effective Korean dramatization of perpetuity. It informs the tale of heiress as well as businesswoman Yoon Se- ri as well as North Korean military captain Ri Jeong- hyuk.

While out paragliding eventually, Se- ri obtains captured up by fanatic winds, as well as pressed over the boundary right into NorthKorea She is discovered by the dashing Jeong- hyuk, who rather than transforming her in concurs to maintain her risk-free as well as assist her return house. Inevitably, they drop in love.

Kwak’s intimate understanding of just how North Korean authorities run suggested he was able to add inventive story tools.

For instance, at one factor, secret authorities find Se- ri hiding in a town. Jeong- hyuk rapidly creates the line that she is a spy with Division 11, the army device which functions covert in theSouth

That aids discuss her Southern accent, her absence of documentation as well as her look, as well as provided the personality the liberty to discover the town as well as engage with others, while rejecting to address their inquiries concerning her life on safety premises.

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Se- ri’s cover tale aids her assimilate with the neighborhood North Korean females.

Throughout the program, there are representations of life which might be made trustworthy with the understandings of a person like Kwak.

Trains are revealed quickly quiting as a result of power cuts, homeless youngsters on the roads, as well as refrigerators utilized to shop publications as well as garments rather than food.

Kwak likewise assisted produce a subplot in the dramatization, of one more set of star-crossed fans from the North as well as South, Gu Seung- joon as well asSeo

After embezzling a significant quantity of cash from Se- ri’s bro, Seung- joon goes on the run, as well as makes a decision to look for sanctuary in NorthKorea

“North Korea is the only place the Interpol can’t reach,” Kwak claims.

Is it real that North Korea uses defense for desired crooks for a significant quantity of cash? “It is indeed plausible,” Kwak claims. “That’s all I’d like to say.”

Praise from various other defectors

Some have actually charged Crash Landing on You of glamorising NorthKorea For instance, citizens appear to have a lot of food – however actually food lacks are a reoccuring trouble.

But these nuanced information are hardly ever seen by South Koreans, as well as the dramatization has actually also obtained various other defectors thrilled.

Chun Hyo- jin, who abandoned when she was 19, claimed the dramatization does differ fact however that does not damage her interest for it. Most of her household are currently residing in the South, as well as the dramatization has actually come to be a regular subject.

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The 2 lead stars are celebrities in SouthKorea

“Every time it’s on air, we call each other on the phone and talk about the drama,” Chun claims.

“It has made the people interested in North Korea. It gets my friends to ask me about North Korea and I’m really grateful for it.”

It’s likewise won appreciation from individuals like Sokeel Park, who collaborates with defectors with Liberty in North Korea.

“Its portrayal of various aspects of North Korean society have clearly been thoroughly researched, resulting in the most three-dimensional portrayal of North Korean society of any film or drama to date,” he informed the BBC.


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Media subtitleFour defectors speak about what life resembles in North Korea

“It is refreshing how it portrays various aspects of North Korean society without unnecessarily passing judgement, and shows North Koreans as complex people who are ultimately relatable and even lovable, even if they are culturally different.”

It’s popular that North Koreans, specifically the kids, are followers of K-drama also – and also as Crash Landing on You properly portrays, a great deal of South Korean movies as well as dramatization are smuggled right into North Korea.

Kwak claims he hasn’t come across any type of North Korean who has actually viewed the dramatization.

“I’m certain they will certainly be extremely interested. It’s their tale. It’s concerning them.

“And I presume that specifically North Korean males would certainly really feel extremely happy to have a good-looking man like Hyun Bin to play among them,” he laughed.

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