Create Online Training On A Limited Timeframe

Delivering Quality Online Courses On A Limited Timeframe

Earning a diploma could take months, maybe even years. If you’re already employed, you may not have the luxury of training sabbaticals. So, from your perspective as an employee training participant, in-house learning is a blessing. From a managerial angle, an online course that takes a month to complete is ideal. Even if it takes longer and can run simultaneously with office tasks, that’s okay too. From your eLearning course developer’s point of view, things look a little different. What techniques can they use to create online training courses as quickly as possible without compromising quality?

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Cost-Effective And Custom-Tailored: A Comprehensive Guide To Create Online Courses With Limited Resources

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1. Look Around The Office

Depending on what you’d like your employees to learn, your office is probably brimming with content. For example, new hires need help assimilating to office tasks. And they’re surrounded by colleagues who are already familiar with said tasks….

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