Crime Dog McGruff Appears In Family Guy And Fans Are Elated

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family guy

The latest Christmas episode of Family Guy gave an extra special present for viewers in the form of McGruff, the Crime Dog. The long-running sitcom on Fox has brought him back on television screens.

Old-timers will recall McGruff from a series of PSA commercials from the early 80s. it educated citizens on how to reduce crime through personal security measures.

It was the creation of Fitzgerald Sample, the advertising agency. It was an animated bloodhound donning a large trenchcoat, always urging citizens to take a combat crime.

McGruff appears with Brian the dog in the Sunday episode of Family Guy. In the Christmas Crime episode, Brian is in trouble as he tried to convince Wild West that he is the good guy. He said that he had been McGruff’s sidekick.

McGruff Who Has Been Included In Family Guy Has Been Used In PSAs

Brian was offering his services to Mayor Wild West. Brian is edited into one of the old McGruff commercials.

McGruff has been used for topics such as anti-drug messages, robbery, and messages against bullying.

The NCPC, which still uses the cartoon canine, tweeted about the team up in Family Guy and the important message they were to deliver in Sunday’s episode.

The generous helping of nostalgia was celebrated by the Twitterati. One uses said that he has been expecting Family Guy to come up with this episode for 23 years. he said that the show had been spot on with the inclusion of McGruff. One fan messaged that the McGruff spot took him back to his childhood.

Fans are hopeful that the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, and the team was attentive. They expect more like just one small bit of McGruff was just not enough and they are hopeful of much more.