Criminal Charges Against Steve Bannon: Long-Term Trump Loyalist To Face State Indictment In NY

Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon

Diehard Trump loyalist Steve Bannon will face criminal charges in New York after an inquiry into a crowd-funded initiative to build a border wall south of the US. Bannon will surrender at the office of the District Attorney in Manhattan.

The exact charge against Steve Bannon has not been determined and the indictment against him remains under seal for now. The DA office has not commented on the issue.

Steve Bannon was the senior counselor and chief strategist of Donald Trump. He alleged that the charges against him were similar to the efforts made by the federal prosecutors years ago. He alleged that the New York Federal prosecutors did a similar thing back in August 2020 and conspired to have him removed from the election process. He contended that it did not work then and would not work now.

Steve Bannon Says Partisan Political Weaponization Working Against Him

The DA office’s investigation has focused on his involvement in the building of the Mexican wall, the ‘We Build the Wall’ campaign. Steve Bannon alleged that it was all a ‘partisan political weaponization’ of the justice system. The wall was a private construction effort to build a barrier along the border with Mexico.

Steve Bannon could be charged Thursday afternoon. In the federal case, he has been charged with siphoning large sums of money from the election campaign. He faces wire fraud and money laundering charges but has pleaded not guilty in all cases. Trump had pardoned Bannon of the federal charges even when they were pending against him.

Steve Bannon also disregarded a subpoena unlawfully. It was issued by the House Select Committee looking into the January 6 attack on the Capitol. He was found guilty of 2 counts of contempt of Congress, a misdemeanor, and carrying a sentence between 1 month and 1 year. While one count pertained to withholding of documents from investigators, the other count was for non-appearance for a deposition meeting.