Morgan Wallen Lost Ties With The Radio Chain, Cumulus Media

Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen

The broadcasting company from America, Cumulus Media, took a decisive step towards Morgan Wallen, the country music singer, and songwriter. A directive was sent to more than 400 of the Cumulus stations to take any action against the country star. According to the directions, the Morgan Wallen was to be removed from the playlists of the broadcasting company. This is not it for the country star. A number of other stations will be taking the same step.

Morgan Wallen Punished

Morgan Wallen is considered to be the hottest star of the year 2021 in the entire music industry. However, he was found to be of a very cold nature, not long ago. A video that went viral, proved this fact. In the video, he is caught passing some very racial remarks.

This led to a storm of criticism with regard to the country artist. Following this, he got terminated from Cumulus Media. It is to be noted that Cumulus Media is one of the biggest radio chains in the United States of America.

The header of the directive that was sent by the broadcasting company, read, “MORGAN WALLEN- EXTREMELY IMPORTANT”. It was sent to all of the stations of the company across the country. In the message that was sent, there was a clear mention of Morgan Wallen.

The message was addressed to the team. It stated that the country star used a racial slur which was evident from the video that went viral. The message also stated the day the incident took place that was Sunday.

It was further added that all the songs of Morgan Wallen were to be removed from the playlists of the company, “without exception”. Brian Philips, the company’s programming EVP signed the directive. It was co-signed by the programming head of operations, John Dimick.