DACA Controversy Gains Momentum In America

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DACA has been one of the biggest programs in the United States of America. The full form of the program is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This program was initiated by the former President of America, Barrack Obama. The sole purpose of this initiative was to protect and look after the well-being of all the migrant children that dwelled in the country. Obama stated that the program was very important as otherwise, the children would be left with no security in a completely foreign land. Obama termed the children enrolled under the program as dreamers. The former President said that most of the children would voluntarily leave the country once they are established on their own.

However, many years have passed since the inception of the project. None of the enrolled children has left America voluntarily. This has created a huge political controversy. Politicians are highly doubting the effectiveness of the program. The number of enrolled immigrants under the program currently stands at 611,000. The politicians have stated that providing security to all these individuals would be a high burden for all the states. The legal hearing about the future of DACA took place in a court located in New Orleans. Speculations are going on that this could be another high-profile legal battle in the making. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

DACA Might Be Abolished? 

DACA has created a huge uproar in the United States Of America at the moment. Politicians are divided into two groups as to what should be the future of those who are currently enjoying the benefits of the program. The lawsuit against the program was initiated by Texas. They also got the support of West Virginia, South Carolina, Nebraska, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Alabama. 

Another half of the politicians stated that abolishing DACA would impact millions of individuals in the country. It now remains to be seen which way the ruling goes.