Democrats Want to Repeal 22nd Amendment And Give Obama a Third Term

Washington Post reporter Robert Costa suggested that Democrats are looking into repealing the 22nd Amendment so that Barack Obama can serve as President for a third term.

The 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1951 after the re-election of Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt for a fourth term, set a two-term limit for the presidency.

Costa’s comments come after Obama’s speech at the DNC, which was lauded, of course, by the liberal media.

Obama’s Third Term?

“They see what happened tonight in the Democratic convention and they see that Obama coalition reassembling. This is such an important time in America, we remember the 19th Amendment,” Costa said. “But talking to Republicans and Democrats in recent minutes, it’s clear that they’re not only talking about the 19th Amendment these days or tonight.”

“They’re talking about the 22nd Amendment that bans a president from going beyond two terms,” the reporter gushed. “Democrats are looking at that Obama speech tonight and saying maybe one day he could come back? Maybe the 22nd Amendment could be repealed?”

Costa, it should be said, is considered a straight news reporter, not an opinion host.

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