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Designing Enriching Learner Experiences

The wind is rising!…We must try to live! ” – Paul Valéry’s 1922 poem, “Le Cimetière Marin” or “The Graveyard by the Sea”

This soft, yet resounding message is powerfully conveyed in the master artiste and storyteller Hayao Miyazaki’s [1] animated movie, “The Wind Rises.” Penned nearly a hundred years ago, these lines carry great meaning today.

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In these last few months, many of us have fought more than an invisible virus. We have fought fear, anxiety, isolation, and loneliness. Wherever you may be, there would have been dark moments when you felt vulnerable, weak, lost, disconnected. Many of us would have gone into denial. Many of us would have lost our spark, that vital sense of meaning and purpose so essential to carry on. And many of us continue to just hang on, living in the moment, afraid to think about what lies ahead.

But we must try to live.

By that I mean we must find ways to enrich our existence within the confines of what we do and…

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