Disgraced Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Slams President Donald Trump

Disgraced former FBI attorney Lisa Page tried — together with her boyfriend, Peter Strzok, that had been married to somebody else while having an affair with her a digital coup against america.

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Nevertheless Page is angry that President Donald Trump made a comment about her amorous relationship in a campaign rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, last Tuesday night.

In mock sympathy for Strzok, the president said during his rally to tens of thousands of fans,”This bad man. Can I hear he wanted a restraining order following this entire matter to keep him away from Lisa? That is exactly what I heard. I really don’t know whether it is accurate.”

“The’fake news’ will not record it, but it may be true,” the president added.

Page tweeted her revulsion about these remarks on Wednesday.

Here is what she wrote.

there isn’t any record — as of the second — of a restraining order filed by Page from Strzok.

Nevertheless anybody, possibly excluding Page, who watched the president’s comments at his rally — because this analyst did could hear Trump’s sarcastically comic tone. Many also understand of this president’s habit of indulging in hyperbole and needling comedy throughout his agendas.

So for her to apply this obvious joke for a cudgel for public relations benefit from a dispute with the president of america is the action of somebody who has to rethink her plan.

This isn’t the first time Page was agitated in the president because of his remarks about her. Before this month, she explained in a tweet,”My heart drops into my stomach once I realize he’s tweeted again. The president of the USA is calling me names into the whole world. He is demeaning me and my livelihood. It is sickening.”

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Maybe Page should think about lots of different things which are sickening to a lot people.

It’s nauseating a heretofore respected association like the FBI might be brought so low in public esteem by her actions and the activities of others.

It’s sick-inducing that she’s so little respect for democracy or for the considered conclusion of the American public that her and her fan attempted to impose the will of a little D.C. literary cabal on the whole nation.

Plus it’s really sickening that she’s shown no remorse, no regrets, for her activities contrary to the Constitution she swore to protect and contrary to the country that trusted her having a national badge.

Page currently attempts one of the earliest principles in emergency management: She gets an attempt to change the subject.

She chooses one comic lineup in 1 speech — and attempts to get public sympathy by challenging the veracity of a joke.

Another catastrophe management rule she appears to get forgotten is that one.

When changing the topic, don’t mention the first problem to a big and complaining degree — or it is going to only remind people why you’re in deep trouble at the first area and cast yourself as a self-appointed martyr.

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