Draggy Williams will make Spa and Monza “really tough”

Williams has enjoyed an uplift in performance this year after a difficult 2019 campaign, fighting regularly with the likes of Haas and Alfa Romeo in F1’s lower-midfield through qualifying.

But the team has seen a drop off in the races, leaving it at the foot of the championship without a point to its name so far this season.

The Mercedes-powered teams are expected to impress at the power-sensitive circuits in Belgium and Italy over the next two weeks, given the strength of the German manufacturer’s engine.

Russell was less certain of Williams’ chances of being stronger at the next two races, believing the draggy nature of the team’s 2020 car will make life difficult on the high-speed tracks.

“Even though we have the strongest engine in the back, we are by far the draggiest car on the grid,” Russell said.

“That is why you’ve seen us go really strong in Budapest in the last two years, because it is not a power sensitive circuit as such.

“Even though we have a lot of power, we’re not really utilising it, because we have so much drag on the car.

“Compared to the Racing Point and Mercedes we are a huge margin amount of speed down on them purely because the car is so draggy.

“Even though on paper you think ‘well, we have a Mercedes, we should be flying in Spa and Monza’, it’s not the case.


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