Drake Recalls His Struggle And Success Growing Up


Before stepping into the music world, he had a successful acting career. He was 13 or 14 when he auditioned for a classic teen drama. Aubrey Graham became Drake later in life after stepping into Hollywood music. He was a singer in his mid-20s. He had an acting career.

He recalled before his grand audition for Degrassi The Next Generation. He went to a kid’s house, tried to prove himself cool like any other teenager. He got high. He isn’t proud of it. However, he did bag the role that has shaped his life for the better. After earning fame, he got himself involved in other kinds of addiction.

Drake Still Finds It Hard To Believe, His Dream Came True

He still thinks he is high on some drugs. Drake Still finds it hard to believe he landed this role in 2001. This ultimately shaped his career. A few days ago, he confessed he might still be high or in a coma. It’s hard to believe he made it. Even till the beginning of his musical career, this concept of being high played out.

The singer wanted to separate his music and acting career. However, the producer said Drake wanted to make a mixtape for the show and even asked to add some of his music to the show. Drake is rather grateful for everything that has happened so far. Sometimes he still tries to think about his life if he didn’t audition for the role. However, Drake did end up making his wish come true. He did rapp in season seven of Degrassi. His character was shot in the back by season 4, putting him in a wheelchair.