Dubai Grapples with Severe Flooding After Two Years’ Rainfall in 24 Hours


Dubai experienced unprecedented flooding on Tuesday when it received an entire two years’ worth of rainfall in just 24 hours, as per records. The Dubai Meteorological Office reported over 6.26 inches of rain between Monday and Tuesday evening, far exceeding the city’s average annual rainfall of 3.12 inches, according to the World Meteorological Organization. The deluge prompted temporary diversions of inbound flights at Dubai International Airport due to “exceptional weather,” though departures remained unaffected.

Dubai’s Unusual Weather Calls for Remote Work 

In response to the extreme conditions, all Dubai government offices and private schools were instructed to operate remotely on Tuesday. This unusual weather event occurred during a month when Dubai typically receives minimal rainfall, with April averaging just 0.13 inches historically.

The timing of the flooding aligns with Dubai’s usual rainy season, which spans from November to March. However, the intensity and duration of this rainfall are attributed to human-amplified climate change, according to the U.S. government’s Fifth National Climate Assessment. Such extreme events not only disrupt daily life but also strain infrastructure, leading to heightened risks of flash flooding.

As climate change continues to affect global weather patterns, the likelihood of more frequent and intense extreme rainfall events looms large, underscoring the urgency for adaptive measures to mitigate the impact on vulnerable regions like Dubai.