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The Biggest Update In eLearning Industry Yet

It’s official, eLearning Industry is just about to introduce gamification elements to the author experience. Those of you who have been following us for some time are aware of the changes that have been happening lately to our publishing platform. eLearning Industry has entered a new era by rebranding, expanding its niche and authors base, and adding new functionalities to the website. Our new editor makes the creation of new content an intuitive and exciting process, and our new design embraces our philosophy of adapting to the needs of the modern-day professional. These changes are the first of a series of steps we are taking in order to continue to offer the highest quality of experience to both our authors and our readers.

To this end, eLearning Industry is about to launch a major gamification update, bringing new elements to the User Experience. This new update will enable all of our users to earn badges and other virtual rewards by participating in various activities available on our platform. You can earn badges by creating content, interacting with it, and even by being a little bit keener on exploration than the average user.

eLearning Industry: Serious About Gamification

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