Ellen DeGeneres’ Talk Show Comes To An End

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres, the popular host from the American talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres show, gave an announcement about ending the show forever. So the upcoming season is going to be the last season as well. Following the announcement, Hedda Muskat, the producer of the show gave a statement on the decision. It was done on the platform of Sunrise, the breakfast show of Australia. The producer talked about the rating concerning the American talk show host. It was stated that the viewers were no longer happy with her work. Muscat claimed that her rating, for now, had gone down to being “toilet.” it was also claimed that the host no longer served the purpose of being fun and exciting. 

Was Ellen DeGeneres Incompetent?

Hedda Muskat also made a shocking revelation. She made it clear that Ellen DeGeneres was not voluntarily stepping down. She got fired by the viewers. And the reason behind this is because they feel that they have been “duped.” The producer gave a lot of details with regard to the matter. She stated that the viewers think of her as somebody very different from the inside from what she shows to be on the show. She is not the “nice person” she portrays to be. Muskat further added that the viewers were done with the bullying and racism that takes place backstage. Having “finally” woke up, they have decided to take action against her. 

Muskat, who is one of the award-winning producers, said that Ellen DeGeneres was introduced in the year 2003 in order to converse with those guests and people who did some groundbreaking things. It was stated that when it came to the celebs, the said host did everything to be in their good books. However, when it came to interviewing real people, she failed.

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