Emanuele Duchetta Launches his books

Emanuele Duchetta born is well known as writer class clown, but first and foremost, he’s a young italian author – so clearly, he at least knows how to use a fader but really, Duchetta is a pretty accomplished author and writer.
He released 4 different books in italian language that are online in all online stores .

First eBook: La casa: ” pulizia ed ordine ” which presents an encyclopedia trilogy inherent to the cleanliness and organization of the house and has a completely renewed style.

Second eBook: ordine mentale = ” ordine della casa ” This book is about the concept of mental order to be applied to the home through some mental rules that must be followed in the performance of domestic activities.

Third eBook: Second book – “Il guardaroba: organizzazione, suddivisione dei vestiti e consigli per risparmiare tempo” that present closet’s organization, allowing people to better manage one of the most used spaces in the home: the wardrobe.

Fourth eBook: “Come pulire ed organizzare la casa nel XXI secolo”
This book is about house’s cleaning and organization, explaining how people can improve in the performance of daily activities, taking advantage of the many tips and secrets offered by this eBook