Erebus owner calls for social media calm

Ryan sparked controversy last week when he wrote “who cares” under a post on the Supercars Facebook page about DJR Team Penske drivers playing cricket at a sponsor event in Darwin.

That prompted a response from DJR Team Penske boss Ryan Story, who wrote “we all work hard to activate value for our partners so we can keep going racing” and added “I would never post a comment like this on a similar Erebus initiative. Never.”

The comments were quickly deleted, however the exchange went public over the weekend courtesy of a story in The Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Klimenko addressed the issue on her public Facebook page today, apologising to DJRTP for the comment along with a plea for fans to stop what she says has been “cruel” backlash directed at her team.

“I would like to send my apology to all DJR Team Penske crew, drivers and fans alike,” she wrote.

“The statement ‘who cares’ was uncalled for, and the appropriate apologies have been sent. I have communicated with Ryan Story and the matter has been put to bed. ‘Who cares’ was an internal joke that slipped out of the bubble, and as a team we are very sorry for this.

“But what I am not sorry for is my team, my drivers or my fans. My team do not deserve the cruel statements being said about them on Facebook, I do not deserve the cruel statements said on…

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