Eric Clapton Refuses Playing In Venues That Ask For Vaccination Proof

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton has made a statement saying he would not be performing at any venue that asks the attendees to have their vaccination proofs verified. This was in reply to an announcement that was made by the government. The announcement was that vaccination passports are a must in order to have access to nightclubs, and other similar venues till September end. The musician said that he will not play on any stage which has a presence of an audience that is discriminated against.

Eric Clapton shared his opinion using a Telegram account belonging to Robin Monotti, a Covid skeptic and an Italian architect. The opinion came along with a link that led to the anti-lockdown collaboration between Van Morrison and Eric Clapton. 

Clapton shared his experiences of undergoing the AstraZeneca vaccine using the Telegram account of Monotti. His experiences were thoroughly negative, till a point where he claimed that the critical reactions had made him question his ability to play the guitar once more.

Eric Clapton Does Not Advocate Vaccination. Why?

Eric Clapton reverberated with the lyrics of Morrison in their collaboration track, Stand and Deliver. According to Clapton, he was instantaneously intrigued and fed with contempt. It was in May that this incident occurred, and it was the same month when the Regulatory Agency of the Healthcare products and Medicines stated that the benefits provided by the vaccine made by AstraZeneca for COVID-19 do indeed outweigh the risks for a majority audience. They claim that it is still important to get vaccinated when asked for.

Most of the individuals that are unwilling to get vaccinated against the coronavirus are anxious about the side effects and if the vaccines have actually been tested adequately. This phenomenon was observed in a survey that was carried across 15 countries and had 68,000 participants. In the UK, the vaccine by AstraZeneca was the one with the highest trust factor among the individuals that were under 65. However, it went down gradually due to awareness about side effects.