Evan Winiker Secretly Got Engaged To Lana Del Rey

Evan Winiker

Till now Evan Winiker was nobody. Well, he is someone. He is a managing partner at Range Media. He joined the team in 2021. Since then he has been unstoppable. He has been focused on his career and his girlfriend. Making meaning out of life. He got engaged to Lana Del Rey after they were seen together for six months roughly. He has worked with big brands and well-known celebrities.

Evan Winiker, Man Of Many Talents

He doesnt only have an impressive partner. But also an impressive resume. Evan Winiker has been a part of a band with Jack Antonoff. He brought clients for Range Media from MAX, Daya, Disco Biscuit, Skyler Stonestreet, and also Walk Off The Earth. He has been solely dedicated to this team. He does his work so well which eventually benefits both parties the client and the team.

Evan Winiker is someone who thinks outside the box always. He and his team help those highly aspiring people to shape their dream.

He also has worked at Full Time Management for four years. Before this, he worked in Brandon Creed’s creed company. Which is also merged with Jack Azoff’s shop.

He is not just somebody he is more than anybody. People have been presuming he has been dating Lana del Rey because of her fame. He has way more experience than Rey perhaps. Evan Winiker and Lana Del Rey probably met through Jack Antonoff. He has been a frequent collaborator. Also worked with her on Did You Know There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. No one could tell how long Evan Winiker has been with Lana Del Rey before they got engaged.

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