EXCLUSIVE: Crime Does Pay – FBI Hiding Dirty Cop Joe Pientka (Who Set Up General Flynn) and His Wife (Connected to Trump Tower Meeting) –

EXCLUSIVE: Crime Does Pay– FBI Hiding Dirty Cop Joe Pientka (Who Set Up General Flynn) and His Wife (Connected to Trump Tower Meeting)– BUT WE FOUND HIM


Dirty cop Joe Pientka whose is supposedly still at the FBI, and his wife, that we have actually revealed is attached to the Trump Tower conference, are living high on the hog with homes on both the East and West Coasts.

Joe was entailed with every little thing corrupt entailing the the Russia Collusion Hoax and his wife is a lawyer for a firm entailed with Fusion GENERAL PRACTITIONER. The FBI is hiding them to now.

The FBI has actually done all it can to conceal Joe Pientka, the corrupt cop at the FBI entailed most all the criminal tasks entailing the successful stroke of prospect and PresidentTrump This corrupt cop was associated with every little thing and the FBI is hiding him. We have actually recognized several reasons that.

Joe Pientka was an extremely principal in the Crossfire Hurrican and Mueller gangs developed based upon deceptive info. We have web pages on Pientka in a previous message: “The Many Corrupt and Criminal Actions FBI Agent Joe Pientka Involved in– Including Setting Up General Flynn– Yet Pientka Still Protected by FBI”.

Overall Pientka was:

  • Supervisor of Crossfire Hurricane.
  • The Crossfire Hurricane employee were picked by Peter Strzok, the Intel Section Chief, and Pientka.
  • The representatives reported to Pientka.
  • Pientka reported functional tasks to Strzok.
  • Pientka and Strzok allured General Flynn in the White House and existed concerning Flynn’s existing to the FBI

Pientka belonged to the Crossfire Hurricane gang that was running the sham Trump Russia collusion examination. He receives graphes of the Crossfire Hurricane gang in 2016:


But after that he strangely leaves in January 2017:

FBI CH July 17

We do not recognize why Peintka is disappointing in the later company graph however our company believe it has to finish with the deceptive and currently missing out on 302’s that were submitted concerning Pientka and Strzok’s conference with General Flynn.

We do currently recognize that Pientka relocated from the East to West Coasts in the summer season of2019 He is still at the FBI!

We likewise keep in mind that you can see that Pientka still possesses his house in Virginia per an easy question of Real Estate tax at home search.com. Notable, is that the mailing address for the house in Virginia is to a million buck house in California that is accepted Joe and his wife Melissa.

Melissa Pientka is a lawyer that made use of to operate in Virginia with the EDVA up with2012 She allegedly entered into exclusive technique however a search of her documents with the California Bar reveals absolutely nothing. She plainly does not desire to be discovered due to the fact that an easy search online develops absolutely nothing.

What’s likewise uncommon is the day that the Pientka’s acquired their house in California, May 19,2018 This occurs to be nearly a year to the day when United States Senator Chuck Grassley asked for that the FBI bring Pientka prior to the Senate to indicate on the Russia sham examination. The FBI never ever did abide by Grassley.

cflg impeach trump

What we discovered following was a little bit stunning. We inquired Melissa Pientka’s information onJustia com and figured out that she is helping a company by the name of Baker and Hostetler LLP in Washington D.C:

Melissa Pientka profile

Baker & & Hostetler are attached to Fusion GENERAL PRACTITIONER. When Fusion GENERAL PRACTITIONER’s financial institution deals were launched in late 2017 the documents revealed a link in between both firms:

The documents reveal that Fusion was likewise paid $523,651 by the law practice BakerHostetler in between March 7, 2016 andOct 31, 2016.

Fusion helped BakerHostetler to explore Bill Browder, a London- based lender that assisted press with the Magnitsky Act, a permissions regulation emphatically opposed by the Kremlin.

BakerHostetler stood for Prevezon Holdings and its proprietor, a Russian business owner called Denis Katsyv.

Katsyv and Prevezon looked for to restrict the influence of the Magnitsky assents.

Glenn Simpson, a previous Wall Street Journal press reporter and Fusion GENERAL PRACTITIONER beginning companion, put together the research study for the anti-Browder job. He functioned carefully with Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian legal representative that likewise turned up at the well known Trump Tower conference hung on June 9, 2016.

Simpson’s research study wound up in the Trump Tower conference in the kind of a 4- web page memorandum brought byVeselnitskaya She likewise shared Simpson’s collaborate with Yuri Chaika, the district attorney general of Russia.

Simpson informed the House Intelligence Committee previously today that he did not recognize that Veselnitskaya offered the Browder info to Chaika or to Donald Trump Jr., the Trump project’s factor- male in the Trump Tower conference.

Simpson indicated that he did not recognize that Veselnitskaya had actually checked out Trump Tower till it was reported in journalism previously this year.

So we currently recognize an additional Deep State scoundrel with a partner in a vital function with an additional dark entity associated to the successful stroke of President Trump.

We definitely recognize that the FBI is maintaining dirty cop Pientka concealed. Clearly there is a factor. His wife being attached to Fusion GENERAL PRACTITIONER and the Trump Tower conference might be component of that factor.

Hat idea D. Manny

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