Exclusive : Supa Crank It talks about his love for his daughter

Supa Crank It , a very popular musician born on 25 August 1988 , talks for the first time about his relationship with his daughter.

He is a father of a beautiful girl called A’Mari. This child is not just a daughter for him, but is his best friend. “She is everything in my life” is what Supa Crank It day and look the photos with his daughter on the phone .
I play everyday with A’Mari. Sometimes im tired with my job , with creating different beats and the stress level is in maximum but my daughter is the only person who calm me and makes me feel better. It’s normal that every parent say the same things for their children but I just know that my daughter is everything in my life and my best friend who support me for everything that i do and my big inspiration for everything that i have released till now.

Recently, the music producer launched some new beats that are online at his site www.supacrankit.com , Beatstars , Soundclick