EXD Model: An Instructional Design Model

Creating Effective eLearning Experiences

Creating an online course is creating a digital product after all, where the pedagogical and technological dimensions must be considered together with a student-centered design to produce a great online learning experience. A new Instructional Design model is needed to integrate in a more natural way with the reality of a constantly changing industry and better adoption for sectors other than the academic.

The Evolution Of Instructional Design

Instructional Design is an activity that has been transformed by three factors: cognitive psychology, constructivism, and technology. As a way of example, in the XIX century, education had more of a transmitting and instruction perspective and it was only until the XX century that the discussion started to move into the capacity that teachers have to adapt to varying situations and student’s context, moving away from conductism and centering around the student.

In 1990, with the incorporation of IT in education, the interest in constructivism grew, particularly because of its approach to let students be actively engaged in their learning process. Shortly after, the role of the Instructional Designer had to evolve. In the year 2000, the concept of…

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